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May 27th, 2008

06:05 pm - Experimenting
In regards to my previous posts: I did indeed cancel my appointment for Moh's surgery. I have not been back to my original (or any) dermatologist as I haven't had a need.

The site of my cancer remains a slightly reddish area about the size of 1/3 of a pencil eraser. I'm sure if I asked somebody "Can you see a reddish area right here" they would answer in the affirmative but cannot believe anybody would notice offhand (if they did they would be certifiably crazy). I have never experienced any weeping, discharge, or fluctuation of the site as I did before my treatments. Whereas before the site would fluctuate with my menses and sometimes stress/lack of sleep, it now remains the same. While I cannot call it a scar by any means, it does have a slightly red color as mentioned above.

The main reason I am adding something today is due to a conversation with friends about skin cancer. I sent the link to the wonderful site http://www.topicalinfo.org/ and in doing so refreshed my interest in this subject.

As a fair, redheaded, blue-eyed, freckled person who adores the sun too much I am no stranger to skin issues. I have several scaly patches about my face. While these are very small they are constant. While a dermatologist would poo-poo them I wonder that they may be potential skin cancer sites. Since I view health holistically I believe in trying to prevent or nip something as early as possible. Thus I'm going to experiment with one of these sites as it is in a rather inconspicuous place (forehead very near the hairline) and see what happens. Right now I have applied some of the vinegar/eggplant puree. I will leave this on as long as I can stand it while I do some household chores. I will not be as diligent with this course of "treatment" as it is a very minor area that has no weeping. It is basically invisible to the eye but can barely be felt by a fingertip. To be honest I am a very obsessive/compulsive person and this is why I know it is there. I have a tendency to touch my face which I'm not recommending but-hey-maybe it will help this situation! To be as specific as possible it is not really visible to the eye but if I roughed it up a bit and one looked very closely you might be able to see a tiny flake. It is about the size of three pin heads. I told you I was obsessive!

Sidenote: I am actually using the same eggplant mixture from last fall! Yup, it's stayed in my fridge as an additional experiment. It's consistency, color, smell, everything is the same. I know vinegar is a preservative so I'm not too surprised. My theory is that this will be even more potent as it's had time to marry/ferment (?). Mind you I have a lot of positive thinking in my own theories but if this helps me achieve desired results-all the better!

I have continued to use my same skin care regiment: use only pure soap (Dr. Bronner's) at MOST once a day (my skin is very dry) or an organic cleanser (Better Botanicals Chamomile Cleansing Milk). I use coconut oil as a makeup remover and moisturizer. I use the coconut milk on my body as well. Occasionally I will use witch hazel on a blemish. Very rarely I will use tea tree oil on a blemish but have learned to dilute this with water and splash on. Tea tree oil is VERY STRONG so use caution. I will only use it once as that usually zaps the skin quickly and even can leave it a little too dry and scaly-but that's why I used it originally. Occasionally I will use a heavier cream on my face. Currently I've had Burt's Bees (Carrot Night Creme and another whose label has come off). I'm not necessarily recommending these products but am disclosing them as this is more or less a biology experiment.

I probably should be using a heavier cream consistently and am looking into making my own.

[Tried to add some pics for visual interest but can't figure it out right now. Argh!]
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August 21st, 2007

05:19 pm - Update
I believe my BCC is totally gone.

Let's back up:

Aug. 2.: started eggplant mixture. Area was a bit aggravated (although eggplant mixture always left it looking it's best; would resume w/pinkness after eggplant had been removed for a while). Applied it as often as I could stand. Often would apply a fresh glop after removing a glop that had been on for a long time so I'm really bombarding this thing.

Aug. 3: crustied up with a sort of scab-more scaly. Continued eggplant with same frequency. Also applied aloe (fresh from plant) and coconut oil to help minimize scarring.

Aug. 4: bled a tiny bit (about size of original biopsy-~size of pencil head) and scabbed. Same program.

Aug 5: scabbed but almost totally white. Same program.

Aug 6-7: scab coming off. Had to be very diligent about not messing with the scab as I didn't want scarring. Only using aloe and coconut oil now.

Aug. 8: scab almost totally off. Looks good.

Aug 9: scab off. Looks good.

Aug 10: itches ever so slightly, new tiny dry skin flakes off-believe this is regular healing like a pimple would heal. Coconut oil only (I'm out of town and my aloe isn't available to me).

Aug 11-13: out of town and thus get a bit more sun than I would have liked to but it looks great.

From then 'til now: there is no lump. There is a tiny pinkish circle the same size as the biopsy (a slight scar I'm hoping will fade). I have a lot of pink in my skin as it is so this is no surprise. Plus I'm so happy to not have a crusty, weeping bump. While a touch of cover up could mask this completely I'm trying to shy away from using this as I've now read about the estrogens in makeup and I want to give this thing time to totally heal (cosmetic at this point).

I'm very happy with my results. In wanting to be totally thorough I'm tossing about the idea of seeing a naturopath. I guess I'll cancel my Moh's surgery appt. I'm tempted to call my original dermatologist to offer him the chance to take a look at this (I had told him I was going to cure this on my own-much to his amusement)-instead of scheduling an appt. where I have to pay him $40-ha ha. Why doctors are not more interested (at all interested...) in alternative modalities in their chosen fields will always baffle me.

Big thanks to this wonderful website:


A final note (I hope!): My skin cancer was very small. I really feel for the people suffering from large, unsightly patches. I went kind of overboard in my research as I am want to do but for several reasons. Firstly I'm extremely interested in alternative healing modalities and health in general. Secondly I'm a prime candidate for skin cancer and wanted to arm myself for the future should I have to do these procedures again. Thirdly now I can help others. People need to take charge of their own health. American doctors are schooled in symptomatic relief-not getting to root causes. There is too much cutting, surgery, and pills going on in this country. No doctor will ever care as much about your health as you do. Knowledge is power. Ask questions, be a pest, and do your homework. Thanks all for reading!
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August 4th, 2007

02:03 pm
Since I've been home a lot I've really been using a lot of different items very frequently (eggplant, orange oil, colloidal silver, pancreatin, fresh aloe, Cymilium). I place a bit of the eggplant slop (that's been left out; not the refrigerated batch) on the site and then leave it on for as long as I can stand it/it kind of or does dry out-anywhere from 10-15 mins-hour. It ever so slightly burns for a bit but mostly kind of itches which I think is a good sign. It was quite red last night. No pus, no "head". When left alone it's a red, smooth bump. Maybe I can see pores but these seem to be around the site. I was kind of hoping something would come out. While I was massaging it with Cymilium last night I felt a bump or sort of nodule. This kind of freaked me out because it was a bit "big" 3 x 2 mm (?). It concerned me as I thought if I did have to resort to Moh's this would be quite a chunk out of my chin. I decided then that I had to take an even more aggressive approach. Since I work at home a lot I've been lucky to be able to do all that I want to this thing (frequency, doesn't matter what I look like, access to all my stuff). Also I figured it was so small I could just -blast- it out and then move on to an equally aggressive anti-scarring regime.

Anyhoo I started massaging the cream in earnestly trying to break up the lump. Having read about cancer sealing itself off I figured if I broke up the lump this may allow for my treatments to penetrate further and more thoroughly. It made me think of cellulite. I've been blessed in that I don't have this problem but have read about treatments that include massage to break up the fibrous areas. Maybe they are related in at least a connective tissue/structural way (??).

After that I was in a bit of state and decided I had to just leave it alone.


This morning it was a red spot. The lump felt much smaller (!?). I applied some more of the room temp. eggplant (specifically a piece of the peel) and left it on for 1 1/2 hours. When I took it off it was much paler (tends to resume a bit more of the pink after the peel has been removed for a while). Since I could I put yet another bit of peel on it. More on the peel: I've been experimenting within this experiment in using 1) the pulp, 2) the seed (I even bit one-they are tiny-to open it and placed it right on the site, perhaps getting more of the oil in there), and mostly 3) the peel. I figured since the peel is where the nutrients are in the whole fruit (technically a berry! I just found out: http://www.seedtosupper.com/eggplant.html, fascinating and makes even more sense as berries as superfoods) maybe this too is where the most healing properties are found. It's interesting to note that the peel is a very pale golden color from the vinegar but dries to a dark purple closer to it's original color or the color of a scab.


Picked up some hydrogen peroxide. Will try that later.

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August 3rd, 2007

12:59 am - Eggplant & Garlic
I've decided to leave part of the eggplant mixture out in a glass jar with a lid. I'm going to let it slightly ferment. Hopefully this will rocket boost the mixture a bit. I'm planning on leaving it out on the counter for about 24-36 hours or so.

I've been thinking about garlic. I'm such a HUGE believer in garlic as a superfood. I'm going to wait to try this as I'm already trying so many different things.

For some reason I feel really good about the eggplant. The slight fizzing with the eggplant definitely seemed like a chemical reaction. It may have slightly lessened the redness. The immed. area had less pink in it as well (my skin has a lot of pink in it).


Since I had 1/2 of a large eggplant to use I made some deeelicious babaganoush. Here's the recipe:


1/2 eggplant
1/3 garlic bulb
sea salt
1 1/2 large tablespoons tahini
1 1/2 large tablespoons cashew-macadamia nut butter
generous squeeze of lemon

Brush eggplant w/olive oil. Cut off top of garlic, pour on a dash of olive oil, add a dash of salt and freshly cracked pepper. Wrap loosely in foil. Place both in 350 oven for about 15-20 mins or until eggplant skin is wrinkled, the flesh is soft and the end brown. Garlic should be nicely browned.

Squeeze the garlic out of it's skins before adding all the ingredients into a blender. Pulse until blended. Leave a bit chunky. Add water if necessary.

Yum. Eat on crackers, breads, dip vegetables or just have a big spoonful. I made a babaganoush and boysenberry sandwich on extra sour rye bread. It was pretty good. But I like the cashew-macadamia nut butter/jam sandwich better. : )

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August 2nd, 2007

07:08 pm - In the beginning...
[This blog was originally going to be posted at this website on it's forums: http://www.topicalinfo.org/index.htm
Due to it's length, I've started a blog. Hopefully this can help somebody]

Briefly let me tell you a bit about myself: I'm fair-skinned, freckled, and a redhead with blue eyes, 42. I spent several years of my childhood in Florida at the beach, used to "tan" as a teenager, used tanning beds (I cannot believe this now), have spent a lot of time in the sun in South America, and both parents have had skin cancer (mild cases, removed by Moh's or burned). All in all I'm a poster child for skin cancer. I'm also very health conscious and knowledgeable in holistic practices/therapies.

Recently I was diagnosed with having a BCC on my face-in the middle of my chin, the size of a normal pimple. I am very cynical of allopathic doctors. I knew (99% sure) that this thing on my chin was skin cancer. I waited a long time to get this checked (maybe 3 years-how could I?). At my first visit to the dermatologist 3 weeks ago (July 10, '07) I showed him many spots I was concerned about. He was concerned with a raised lump about 3cm on my back. I've had that for as long as I could remember. It was reddish, contained (round, even border), never grew any bigger, sort of pearly, sort of firm, never was flaky, never irritated. He scooped it out at the biopsy. It came back "fine"; it didn't need further treatment. Back to my chin spot.

He thought nothing of it and didn't want to biopsy it. I was adamant. Wouldn't you know it was the best this thing has ever looked. It's history: for a long time I thought it was a pimple. It's persistence had me doing research. It fit perfectly into the descriptions for skin cancer: red, irritated looking, somewhat uneven borders, would flare (frequently with my menses), was flaky, would sometimes bleed, had a conical shape that when was in one of it's "good" phases would produce a crust that would flake off with a sort of plug shape. And yes, I was right. It was diagnosed as Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC).

[His instructions of post biopsy: keep it covered with Bacitrin and a bandaid for five days. We had a debate about healing and scar prevention. I was of the school of thought that keeping a wound clean and as much in the open air, uncovered, as possible, maybe using a dilute wash of tea tree oil in salt water. However I followed his advice to a certain extent-for 3 days, then started using the wash with a bit of Bacitrin and coconut oil leaving it uncovered. I'm very much up in the air on this one. Need more research. But the site looked great and didn't even really register in the pics I took.]

At the first visit, prior to the diagnosis, I had brought up Moh's surgery and asked him what he thought of it. My mother was very unhappy with her experience. She thought it was overly invasive, extremely unpleasant, drawn out, and unecessary. Mind you, these were her thoughts as a layperson. Well the doc said there were no Moh's surgeons in her area (Las Vegas). I was incensed! Could this be a doctor taking advantage of my elderly mother? My doc didn't seem too excited about Moh's.

After my diagnosis my doc recommended two specialists who were Moh's surgeons. Huh?
I didn't understand why he was now recommending this. He was very matter of fact and kept repeating that this was a super mild case, there'd be minimal scarring (I don't really care too much about that-just want it gone), and I shouldn't worry. I told him I was not worried but wanted to take care of this. In my typical fashion I went off the deep end researching like mad. Mostly I wanted to educate myself to understand the mechanics of cancer so that I could then apply what I thought best to treat it. Also since I'm considered "young" in the skin cancer world I wanted to be as knowledgeable as I could be in that I could very well be finding more of these down the line.

SO, I armed myself to the teeth: orange oil, orange cleaner, CoQ10, pancreatin, and placed an order for Cymiliium.

I was all gung ho. I had tested some orange cleaner on my leg on healthy skin. No reaction. I thought I'd use the orange oil as it was more concentrated, my spot was small, and it was organic.

I also decided to treat what I thought could be precancerous areas (that the doc dismissed)-raised whitish, scaly, flattish bumps that sometimes itched deeply when my immune system was down (on shoulder) and the area on my back that was considered to not need any more treatment. Better safe than sorry, right? Also since I kept reading here that healthy tissue would not be damaged/respond I was in the clear. I also decided to do a test patch on my forearm.

For clarity's sake:
Chin: diagnosed BCC-my primary area of concern
Back: biopsied as needing no more treatment
Sides of face: small (1/16 in. diameter, not visible to eye but can feel with finger) scaly patches that don't go away, doc not concerned
Shoulder: raised, flattish, white bump, approx. 1/8 inch x 1/4", doc not concerned
Side leg: normal colored, raised, somewhat rough, 1/4" diameter, doc not concerned
Forearm: control area for testing


The orange oil sort of tingled on my chin (I think I was really trying to feel it-I have a high tolerance for pain and was having a hard time discerning if I was imaging the tingle). I then soaked several Q-tips and taped them on various sites. I felt some slight burning at the various areas. Soon my forearm was on fire. I took everything off after about 30-40 mins. My forearm was quite red and irritated (the control, non cancerous area) as were the other whitish, scaly areas including areas of healthy skin around them. Oddly enough my chin and back had the least reaction. I kind of panicked thinking "My God, are there cancerous areas underneath all these places!" The next day I dismissed this as the shape of the inflamed areas were EXACTLY the shapes of either the Q-tips used or the cotton balls. I stopped using anything.

Now I had two obvious marks on either side of my face that looked much like burns from a curling iron-ugly, glaring, red, irritated. People were asking me what had happened. Not good. : ( I was kind of pissed at myself knowing that essential oils really aren't used by themselves-one would usually use a carrier oil-such as olive, coconut.

Now my emphasis switched to trying to heal my test spots! Phooey! I cut aloe from my plants, smoothed it on, added coconut oil, topped with a nonpetroleum jelly (castor oil, beeswax, vit. E). The areas were red, inflammed. Strangely two freckles (NOT moles, not raised, same appearance as the freckles all over my body) near the scaly areas turned very, dark brown (boo). Next (days 2,3) the areas turned a medium brown, more scablike in appearance. Now a week later most of the scabbing has fallen off-the last to go is the original scaly areas. The freckles are gone. The skin is looking pretty good. I'm really babying it and think there will be no scarring or redness in at most a week. Interestingly enough the area on my shoulder including the healthy skin peeled off but I could see the white of the scaly area and maybe a tad of that area dried/lifted. I sort of pulled off a bit, there was tiny dot of blood and I put Cymilium and colloidal silver on it to see what kind of reaction it would have. I will now contain my treatment areas very specifically to what I think are the needed areas-sparing healthy skin.

I had read several things about colloidal silver and had some anyway so I'm throwing that into the mix.

A note about Cymilium. This took 12 days to arrive. Wasn't too stoked on that as the shipping cost was about 1/2 of the total cost of product. I've received computers faster than this... Started with the Cymilium last night. Didn't feel anything, didn't really see a reaction (on chin) so added aloe, colloidal silver, and orange oil. Not really any stinging or anything. This really makes me wonder if there's not really any cancer left here. It is red but I don't think the red would be gone yet from regular healing along with the agitation I've been giving it. It is not blistering. No pus. Not even scaly. No pain. I really don't know what to think here. I'm going to continue with the various treatments: Cymilium, aloe, coconut oil, orange oil, colloidal silver, pancreatin. I've just made a batch of eggplant/apple cider vinegar. We'll see what happens. I do have an appointment for Moh's in the beginning of Oct. I highly doubt I will be going to it. I may make an appt. with a naturapath.

Why I'm against Moh's: I don't think I need it, invasive, other people's experiences, $$$ 1500+more for consultation/post visits, think doc's are cut happy.

I'll keep you posted.
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